What We Do

Spreading the Gospel of Japan’s Cuisine to the World

We at Nakahigashi have reason to feel deeply about the essential values of the Japanese culinary method, and we aim to express our enthusiasm through the restaurants we create, and by supporting the sale and promotion of food provisions alongside superb local foods in an integrated, holistic manner.

Restaurant Creation

When we create restaurants we attempt to use the centuries-old wisdom of Japan’s food traditions, which grew upon a foundation of a rice and vegetable diet, to partake of local culinary cultures across the globe, recognizing the commodities they treasure, their individual food “vocabulary”, and their means of distribution. In this way we build restaurants and menus that feel familiar, friendly… like home.

Training Staff

Serving, for us, isn’t simply about presentation. Anyone who has visited Japan knows that the traditions of service, honed over centuries, form a type of communication between souls. The near-sacred character of food requires an attitude of grace and caring that is expressed in every action the server performs, making the guest feel welcome, and honored. It’s a thing people remember, long after the meal is finished.

Enterprise Support

When Japanese businesses leave Japan they face a range of difficulties from local laws and customs to variations in culture and experience that they’ve never encountered. They also frequently suffer the loss of an enterprise infrastructure that connects their fundamental business with purveyors on one hand, and the consumers they need to reach on the other. It’s the reason many great culinary businesses never leave Japan.

Nakahigashi works from a wealth of experience and position of authority to promote Japanese products through restaurants and events in New York, Kyoto, and elsewhere. We gather research directly from guests and chefs to build an understanding that enhances the opportunities of the businesses we serve.

MIZUHO NO KUNI : The Land Abundant with Rice

The green of fresh, young rice sprouts and the blue of the water that surrounds them are Nakahigashi’s colors. It’s these colors that we feel reflect the culinary and cultural heart and soul of a Japanese people for whom rice was central to all life through the ages.